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Ummat Muhammad
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Asallamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah,

I pray you are all in the best of health, eeman and ihsaan...ameen

I along with another brother run a website called kalamullah which was shutdown for a week or so not too long ago because of a complaint made by ilmquest/emanrush. They threatened to sue us as they claimed we had copyright material on our site even though a lot of the speakers gave us permission to put the lectures up.

So I thought this would be the best place to ask Br Muhammad Al-Shareef what his opinion on copyright is, and if he agrees with the behavior of ilmquest/emanrush (whom I think he is the director of), who threaten to sue Muslims trying to spread the deen of Allah.

Also a request; I understand money is needed to produce quality material for the future, but this does not mean knowledge should be withheld from people. So could you not do something like; get as much profit from a new product when it comes out but after lets say 2 years, distribute the material for free as a lot of this ilm should be out there. (kinda like when a movie comes out, first on the cinema, then on dvd, then couple years later its free on tv). This way you will find a wider audience across the world gaining ilm. Alhamdulillah we had people from as far as Nigeria to South Korea downloading your lectures and I'm pretty sure they didn't even know who you were before they saw your lectures on our site. But now because of copyright this knowledge has been stopped from spreading.

Jazak'Allahu khairen

And please forgive me if I have offended you


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