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Ammar AlShukry
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

Qabeelat Haqq testimonials
Originally Posted by Naiyerah
JazakAllahu Khayran for sharing your `ilm with us Shaykh Waleed.

I really benefited from going through the practical lessons for each person we studied. I also thing the tangible additions (like the letter from Umar ibn Abdil-`Aziz, the perfumes, the red Desi outfit ) made the class even more interesting and memorable...

I'm looking forward to your next class insha'Allah!
Originally Posted by ishaqshariff
Thank you and Jazakhallahukhairan for your time, effort, and sabr, sheikh!

I especially want to thank you for going over the Indian torch bearers (Ash-Shaah Waliyyullah and Sideeq Hasan Khan). From all the bidah and craziness that happens in the sub-continent, I did not know more leaders than Maududi and Tipu Sultan (who was one of the first to fight back againt the oppressive British regime).

Allhamdulilah, I was suprised to see my father's lack of knowledge of the two torch bearers. He was well aware of the great king Aurangzeb though. When I was sharing the stories of other torch bearers, my father was excited to share the stories we had learned in the class (which he had already known).

It is amazing to see such great leaders and how Allah (swt) used them to spread Islam through out different parts of the world.

To be quite frank, I have not been very attached to my culture. This gives me more motivation to research my history.

Also, thank you for the "spicy theme" you created with your flaring-hot, red kurtha and SAMBOSAS (btw desi people call it samosas)...

Please, please, please keep me, my family, qabeelat haqq, and our struggling ummah-at-large in your duahs!

Jazakhallahukahiran, As-salamuallaykum wahrahmathulahi wabrakathu Wa maghfirathu Wa nooruhu Wa janaathu al Firdous Al-A3la!
Originally Posted by AdamElsayed
BarakAllahu feek ya Shaikna! Torch Bearers seemed to be a movie with your narration talents. IT was sad the movie had to end.
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Fouzia Usman/Quest
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

Sh.Waleed asked us to raise our hands if we have heard (just heard the name)when he first started each chapter. Except for Umar ibn Abdul Aziz, for many of the scholars only few hands were raised. MAny of the names were unknown to the class but sooo many lessons to learn from each of their lives.

SubhanaAllah! Sh.Waleed and HQ together prepared an awesome binder with soooo much information and with variety of activities and at the end of each chapter provided us some space to write our lessons. (Thats my favorite - At the end of each chapter how sh.Waleed gave us few minutes to thing and write what lessons we learnt - because its the same lesson taught to all the students but each one of us have different angle and extract lessons in a different manner, so that was so interesting to learn each others lessons and finally Sh.Waleed's lessons )

This class made me to realize that I have done NOTHING to appreciate and retain the ilm that is available nowadays. Sh.Waleed has calculated the total number of miles they travelled in their lifetime for ilm... and those miles were not in 100s.... SubhanaAllah, they were in 1000s... yes...11k miles, 10k miles.

If this class comes to your town, NEVER EVER miss it. The knowledge that you gain in just one weekend, you wouldnt be able to gain even if you read 100s of books. Because the ilm that you will receive in this class is not available everywhere and not accessible easily.


Qabeelat Haqq!

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Banu Hayl
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

Assalaamu aleeykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh...

Ibnul Qayyim rahimahu Allah says that one of the reasons a person will benefit from a reminder is that they are in a dire need for it. Masha Allah the materials covered in the class, all with no exception came at a time i needed it the most. Each scholar covered in this seminar had the skills we all need to reach success in this Dunya and Akhira. Skills such as a strong Ibada and connection with Allah. The scholars had a love for the Ummah and a passion to bring about positive change. None of them would have left history if it wasn't for their sincerity to Allah and motivation to continue what they believed to be the haqq despite the fact that many opposed them and tried to put a stop to them. I especially benefited from the lessons of Mutarrif and Umar bin Abdilaziz.

Many and many are the lessons I learned in this class.. I ask Allah that i am of those that hear the reminders and follow the best of it and implement it. I seek refuge in Allah from a knowledge that does not benefit me.

Shaikh Waleed Basyouni did an outstanding job in this class... The class material was very well organized and the activities made you really think about how to benefit from someone's biography instead of just knowing it.

Many are those who are striving to bring about change in our Ummah today, my appreciation for my teachers has increased and my love and concern for the Ummah has increased after this seminar.

Fi Amaani'Laah

P.S. We walked away with some gifts that made all of us feel special.
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Qabeelat Al-Shams
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

MashaAllah we had an amazing first weekend and we have not even gone through half the binder. There is still so much to come inshaAllah. MashaAllah its great that the Sheikh is encouraging us to think about how to apply the knowleie to our lives. The only downside to the course is that there is not may ayahs of Qur'an in the binder as we dont get to hear the Sheikh recite Qur'an.

jazakhAllah khair Sheikh - before attending the course I was familiar with the names and personalities of the sahabah and am now beginning to know some of the great scholars.
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

Sheikh Waleed really does walk you through their lives and we are laughing and crying through the stories...and one of my favourite parts is the end of the story because then we move on to the lessons, and for me this is when the real learning comes in - when you have the chance to examine your heart and start setting yourself goals to walk in in their footsteps Inshallah.

BTW anyone who gets the chance to take this course - there are some really awesome treats and activities!
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Qabeelat Al-Shams
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance


SubHALLAH this course is amazing more than anything it teaches you about past present and the future- its how you can take benefits from each scolars life and try implement in your own. its true when they say its very interactive, the activities are great 'killing the fitnah' waas my favourite
im Soooo happy its over two weekends one weekend would no way due any justice!!!
learning about the students of the sahabas has given me soo much motivation to learn about the sahabas themselves i cud just imagine what kind of people and the type of example they were.
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Qabeelat Al-Shams
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

I agree with all the beautiful comments above. Being in this gathering was a real blessing Alhumdulillah and Shaykh Waleed is a truly wonderful gifted teacher MashaAllah.

SubhanAllah, there are a wealth of lessons to learn from the stories of these great people and from our Shaykh teaching them.
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Qabeelat Al-Shams
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

A few weeks ago I wasnt sure i'll be here, but alhamdulillah I am. The sheikh (may Allah preserve him) has revived names of scholars and given an insight of their lives some of whom we had no idea who they were.

We truly learn soo much from their lives, how they struggled, sacrificed, their determination in upholding the truth and much more.
Looking forward to attend the next half of the course inshaAllah!!
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

im luvin it mA. i will write a full one of this after 2moro iA
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Flower petal
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

I thank Allah(swt) for blessing all the students of Torch Bearers (London) to attend, enjoy, learn, benefit, and inshaAllah apply knowledge gained from this AMAZING course. Myself and every sister I've spoken to during the breaks and lunch is absolutely LOVING the course MashaAllah.
Where shall I begin?..... I enjoyed the fitnah killing session, the captivating way Shaykh Waleed takes you through the scholars lives, the unexpected hilarious jokes, the fantastic activities in between, the memory test, handwriting competition, bag of gifts, the personal letter addressed to the students of Torch Bearers from Umar ibn Abdil Azeez, I could go on and on MashaAllah. The practical 'Lessons learnt from the life of .......' section at the end of every scholar is proving most beneficial. Really looking forward to Sunday!

JAZAHKALLAH KHAIR to Shaykh Waleed, his family, our WONDERFUL Ameer and Ameerah and all the support team for making our experience so special, Alhumdulillah.
"...And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him (by obeying Him), He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide for him from (sources) he could never imagine" [ At-Talaq, 65: 2-3]
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