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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

Over the last two weeks I have spent my time with Mutarrif, witnessed the capture of Hasan Al Basri, sat in the royal courts with Umar ibn Abdul Aziz, enjoyed the sarcastic nature of our beloved shaykh Al-A'maash, felt the tears of my noble sister Zumurrud and experienced the love of my sister faatima As-Samarqandhi for the knowledge....

Do I wish you could have been there with me?

JazakAllahu khair Sh.Waleed, for you account of their lives and the lessons that they had to teach us will impact our lives for many years to come. Insha'Allah.
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Mahbuba Khatun
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

(I miss the Torch Bearers class already and it has not even been a day yet! L )

This course had definitely exceeded my expectations…and I truly do feel sincere REGRET for all those who missed out…

I enjoyed all the funny stories and all the fun activities, especially ‘killing the fitnah’ activity!

…Jazak’Allah khayr Sheikh Waleed for an amazing beneficial inspirational course on the lives of the Scholars…

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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance


This course just finished in the UK yesterday, and I miss it already..

The deliverence the Sheikh gave was excellent, the interactivity, the structure of the class - all of it was amazing. As a science type of person, I find it harder to concentrate on history and books of literature.. but this class opened up a new door for me and I enjoyed it more than I could have imagined Alhamdollilah!

This is what I needed. ALHAMDOLLILAH. Jazaakamullah Khayrun to everybody that helped set up the course.
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

Asalaamu-Alaikum WarahmutAllahi Wabarakatuhu

This course was AMAZING to say the least!

Sheikh Waleed is such an awesome ustadh, the way he constructs the lessons and made them more interactive- e.g. the fitnah baloons, handwriting competition, they were all top notch!

Sheikh Waleed put soooo much effort into the notes, activities and all those facts you shared with us! And lets not forget all the funny stories he shared with us, I will definitely try remember them! Jazak'Allah Khair

InshaAllah I hope after reading all these testimonials and ambiances that you all take this course when it's available to you and InshaAllah it will be a success for you and your Qabeela, just as it was for us!

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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

This was my first ever al maghrib class and alhamdulillah what a class it was. I have to say I was enthusiastic about the topic so after Jimas, I just booked it.

But as time drew closer, I got more nervous and anxious that I was not prepared for such a seminar. I believed my knowledge base was too weak. But alhamdulillah. It was a completely mixed crowd and insha'allah we all still benefitted.

I could see the effects of this class by the end of the first saturday, alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah I was slowly coming out of my initial shyness and felt inspired from learning about people like the scholars. Actually thinking of them as human beings made the standards they had set, seem so attainable. This was also soooo beneficial because it increased my thirst for knowledge even further. So the next day, I was so alert, I wanted to go home and read about the ones I had learnt... wow...

The week in between alhamdulillah felt like it flew by. Every day during that week (Monday - Friday) I was feeling like I wanted to go back to the seminar.

Masha'allah Sheikh Waleed was also a good teacher and I'm not sure if everyone will agree here but definitely the background stories definitely helped to understand the world in which these scholars lived in. Also made me realised that humans haven't changed much from then either... we're still doing the same horrid stuff to each other.

Anyways, on a much brighter note... please please please, if you have the opportunity to take this course, please do. If its money stopping you, then please beg, (don't steal) and borrow because trust me, your life will change after it. Even if you just go for the killing the fitna bit... so so worth it!

Mine certainly has. I'm not just enthused to do the things I knew would have benefitted my community, I've actually started proper planning to achieve things I was too scared to start but had ideas about. Alhamdulillah.

May Allah reward Al Maghrib, Qabeelat Al Shams and all the Sheikhs for all their efforts.
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

subhanAllah i absolutely loved this course!!
it's always a pleasure to learn from Sh. Waleed.. this class was simply amazing walhamdulillah.. all the sights, sounds, TASTES... everything was perfect..

i spoke to a few people who all agreed that this class was very memorable for a ton of reasons.... including the things we got to take home, the in-class activities, the location, everything

i can't say that this was my fave class.. but i am proud to say my fave class is still one by shaykh waleed (rays of faith).. bottom line.. this shaykh seriously knows how to teach masha-Allah.. may Allah bless him and his family

lastly.. i just wanted to say what an honor it was to receive the ijaazah by shaykh waleed.. i literally have my name in a line/chain going back to that of the Prophet (S) while including the name of so many scholars that we learned about and know.. it's a huge huge honor... may Allah bless the shaykh for including us in this.. aameen
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Talking Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

This was by far one of the most interactive classes I have taken since the birth of Qabeelah Tayybah. I loved the Shaykh's outfit - (I tried to pick the best picture and hopefully you can appreciate it - I tried to cut and paste it on the message board but it didn't work unless someone can tell me how) far better than what some of us saw on Halloween night. Don't forget the Sambosas! - LOL
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

It's a class full of knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, sincerity and dedication. Don't be amongst the ones who miss out.
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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

We only had one weekend of this class but mashallah, what a weekend it was. Packed with stories and many visual aids (for those of us with weak attention spans).

We were transported to a different time and place with each biography of each scholar and it was thrilling. Subhanallah, it's always good to know where you came from and the people that got you here today and Sh. Waleed does an amazing job of leading us through the centuries.
Jazakallah khair again ya Shaikh.
May you be rewarded in this life and the next inshallah.

And to everyone else, if you miss out on this class
you DEFINITELY miss out on a lot.

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Re: Torch Bearers: testimonials and ambiance

When I first heard about this class I thought it would be the best class ever. I was unable to complete taking the LUL class in April and I have heard good things about that class. But as far as I'm concerned this class met all my expectations and was the best Al Maghrib Class I have taken to date.
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