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Banu Wedad
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How to back up CDA to PC?

Ok, I give up. It has been hours, I have tried every program and I cannot back up any of the new EmaanRush CDS I bought, nor does my computer even play them. Only my cars CD changer does.

Help? I am just trying to back them up because my CD changer scratches them up in no time, plus I often lose these things!
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Qabeelat Tayybah
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Re: How to back up CDA to PC?

did you try itunes ? it is great for cd copying and mp3 making


Qabeelah Tayybah

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Banu Wedad
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Re: How to back up CDA to PC?

Nevermind, my CD drive reads everything as CDA ='[ I cant back up anything.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
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Qabeelat Tayybah
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Re: How to back up CDA to PC?

Assalaamu 'Alaikum

I found the following information about CDA files on a tech support page, i hope you benefit from it.

How to Work With Audio CD .CDA Files

If you view the contents of an audio CD from Windows, you'll see that it contains a number of .CDA files each corresponding to a song track. (CDA BTW, stands for Compact Disk Audio)
I regularly get letters from subscribers asking why they can't copy these files to their PC rather than first having to rip them to .WAV files.
It's a good question with a simple answer: there are no .CDA files on a CD. In fact, from a Windows perspective, there are no "files" at all.
An audio CD differs greatly from your hard drive or floppy disk drive in the way information is stored.
These devices store data in concentric rings called tracks. In contrast, audio CDs store data in a continuous spiral starting from the inside of the CD and ending at the outer edge of the CD. Kind of like a vinyl LP in reverse.
The format of the data stored on CDs is also quite different; it's a raw 16 bit digital PCM stream rather than a format that can be recognized by a Windows PC.
So what are .CDA files that you see on an audio CD?
These files are created by the Windows CD driver. They are simply representations of the CD audio tracks and are not actually on the CD.
Each .CDA file is a kind of a pointer to the location of a specific track on the CD and contains no musical information. They are all 44 bytes in length and each contain track times plus a special Windows shortcut that allows users to access the specific audio tracks.
So if .CDA files contain no musical information, what happens if you "copy" a .CDA from an audio CD to your hard drive and then double click it?
If the CD is still in the drive then the corresponding track will play from the CD. If you remove the CD you will get an error message. That's because the .CDA file contain no music, it only point to where the music is located on the CD.
To work with audio files on your CD you need first to convert them to .WAV, .MP3 or another file format that computers understand. That's what a CD ripper does and that's why you must use a ripper before you can work with your audio files. Simple as that.
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