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Ibn Abi Ukhti
Ummat Muhammad
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Re: "KATIB" club: The Master Notes (TMN) Project


Wa 'Alayki Salam,

SubhanAllah I got no email from since about 2-3 months!
Want to be a Ḥāfiẓ ul-Qur’ān?

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: "KATIB" club: The Master Notes (TMN) Project

Originally Posted by Ibn Abi Ukhti

Wa 'Alayki Salam,

SubhanAllah I got no email from since about 2-3 months!
My apologies akhi, perhaps your email got lost ... if you are still willing to assist us then do please contact us again. In any case, our work is only just beginning and you have not missed anything as of yet, email I am sure we will be very happy to have you on board.


Editor, EmanRush Press
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