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Ameer, Qabeelat Hosna
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Hosna's New Ameer

Assalamu Alaykom,

Irtiza Hasan (2003- 2004)* - Hasan "AlJilani" (2005 to 2006)* - Yasser Soliman (2006) -
Hadi Syed (2006) - Haytham Soliman (2006 - to 2008)
and our newest Ameer......... Gehad Olabi

Exactly 23 months ago, I became the Ameer of Hosna. At this point, we had around 100 students in our class... today, walhamdulillah our average for the last four classes is roughly 250 students per class. (250% increase)

My dream was to hit 500
, but Allah didnt well it for me... and now I am passing the torch to my brother, my Ameer, Gehad Olabi and I ask Allah to assist him make that dream come true. I expect you guys to work with him the very same way you worked with me and even more.... Our mission is to educate Muslims about their deen and that is exactly what Gehad will lead us to.... inshaAllah.

Gehad has already assigned his VP (mashaAllah he is hitting the ground running), Zeyd Khan, who inshaAllah will also bring in a different and a new perspective and flavor to the crew.

As for me, I asked our Marketing Coordinator to work in her Department with e-Marketing along side Raheel#2 and she accepted alhamdulillah.

Jazakom Allahu khayran for all your help and support... I ask all of you to forgive me if I have ever offended your, promised you and didnt fulfill my promise, or just harmed you in any way.

I want to see all of you guys replying back congratulating our new Ameer... I will start...

Congratulations Gehad....
I ask Allah to bring Hosna to a higher peak under your leadership... Ameen.

*I might be a little off on the dates.
PS. I miss all of you Houston guys a lot ...

Haytham Soliman
I am a Hosnawi Nation Builder

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Qabeelat Hosna
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Re: Hosna's New Ameer

Welcome to've got a great leader's shoes to fill Brother Gehad.
I am a Hosnawi Nation Builder

:: Sisters Crew ::
.. and *Banu Ibrahim stYle* proud of it
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Qabeelat Durbah
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Re: Hosna's New Ameer

Its about time you guys had some change, for a second there i thought Haytham was gonna follow the example of his president Hosni Mubarak!

Or send it down to a third Soliman bro....

But all jokes aside .....Bro. Gehad what a great responsibility... I pray that Allah (The Supporter) supports and assists you .. ameen.


"NEVER look down upon a person....u never know when the tables will turn..." :/
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Hosna's New Ameer

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Sadia Khan
Qabeelat Hosna
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Re: Hosna's New Ameer

Mabrouk to Br.'s Gehad and Zeyd! May Allah reward you for taking on this responsibility and may He give barakah in your leadership.
25:71 and seeing that he who repents and [thenceforth] does what is right has truly turned unto God by [this very act of] repent≠ance.

وَمَن تَابَ وَعَمِلَ صَالِحًا فَإِنَّهُ يَتُوبُ إِلَى اللَّهِ مَتَابًا (25:71
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Qabeelat Hosna
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Thumbs up Re: Hosna's New Ameer

Wa alaykumus salam, wa Rahmat Allah, wa Barakatuhu,

When I read Haytham's post, I have a certain poem in my mind... Ya Haytham, Allahumma taqabbul minkum wa minna.

Ya Gehad, it will be a struggle indeed for us to overcome what has kept us from hitting 500 students. May Allah make your feet and ours firm, and may He give you and us success in calling people to study His Deen. Verily we are not the ones who guide, and He Is. But if we use our best and most sincere efforts to call people to the class, holding back nothing of ourselves, then surely He will be the One Who makes our every effort effective.

May He make us all among those who respond first, act with ikhlaas, and make use of the knowledge and strength He has given us. Ameen.

Always looking for the best status? Then think more about the status of Allah.

Experience Hosna. May Allah increase you and me in beneficial knowledge, in pure provision, and in accepted deeds. May He make our feet firm on the straight path.

Keep up with me as tariqnisarahmed at Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Or look for my articles at MuslimMatters.
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Adib Contractor
Ameer, Qabeelat Durbah
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Re: Hosna's New Ameer

MashaAllah! May Allah give the new Ameer tawfeek and guide him in all of his decisions. May Allah allow this new leadership to greatly benefit the Muslims. Ameen.

So Haytham, now that you've stepped down... when's the wedding?
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Ameer, Qabeelat Haqq
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Re: Hosna's New Ameer

MASHA ALLAH, one great shoes to fill in deed. But that's why your so blessed becuase now you know how high you have to set your goals.

May ALLAH bless you and your decisions brother Gehad, Ameen.

Of Course haythum I know you won't be able to stay away from us. May ALLAH (Subhana Wa Ta'alla) accept all your deeds and bless all your future endeavours, Ameen.
Qabeelat HAQQ
Raise Your Ilm, Advance Your Eman

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Qabeelat Haqq
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Re: Hosna's New Ameer

Mabrook Br. Gehad, and may Allah subhana wa ta'aala make your leadership of Hosna a means for you and your loved ones to enter Jannah.
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Ammar AlShukry
Qabeelat Tayybah
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Re: Hosna's New Ameer

Haytham was not only on a role with Hosna, but with me he actually had a record that I imagine no one being able to beat him with...unless they try really, really hard.

Actually, it would take incredible talent to beat Haytham's record, talent that I fear only he has.

To the new Ameer, may Allah make it easy for you, make your judgment sound, and surround you with the best volunteers.

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