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Re: What do these words mean? ("bi'ithnillah", ..., ...)

wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullah

bi'ithnillah: bi- with ithn- permission Allah- of Allah, so it means "with the permission of Allah"

rahimahullah: may Allah have mercy upon him.

radi Allahu anhu: may Allah be pleased with him

hafidhahullah: may Allah protect him

fee sabilillah: in the way/path of Allah, or for the sake of Allah.
كم من حريص جامع جاشع ٭ ليس بمنتفع و لا نافع
“How many dedicated (students of knowledge) there are,
seeking to gather it and desirous of obtaining it,
yet they do not gain benefit from it nor do they give benefit out to others.”

Imam Al-Awzaa'ee rahimahullah

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