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Lightbulb AlMaghrib Quality Assurance

Once upon a time, actually i think it was about 2 weeks ago; a friend and I were reviewing one of the course packets. We noticed some errors with regard to grammar and formatting. Most companies have a quality assurance group that reviews finished products (reports, analysis and such) before they are distributed to clients. I am not sure if such a thing exists for AM, but it may be something you might want to think about. Even something as simple as a QC checklist for review of materials before they are sent to repro might be helpful.
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Re: AlMaghrib Quality Assurance

I agree completely. Same thing goes for power points. There are always typos or formatting problems on the power points.

QA for the seminar presentation itself would also help alleviate problems like instructors finding out they can't finish on time as they expected, etc.
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Qabeelat Tayybah
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Re: AlMaghrib Quality Assurance

Marketing Material as well


Qabeelah Tayybah

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iss ME! zahweee!
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Re: AlMaghrib Quality Assurance

you guys are pretty good at spotting this stuff.. i don't think i ever saw anything like what you mention.. and i'm a part time editor lol
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Re: AlMaghrib Quality Assurance

Website QA too!
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Qabeelat Majd
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Re: AlMaghrib Quality Assurance

And double-checking transliteration for accuracy (sometimes, a word in Arabic is entirely different from it's transliteration). I've e-mailed my Amirah to ask about whom I should contact to offer proofreading assistance before the material for our next course goes to press...
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Sanaa A
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Re: AlMaghrib Quality Assurance

Originally Posted by iss ME! zahweee!
you guys are pretty good at spotting this stuff.. i don't think i ever saw anything like what you mention..
LOL same here =)
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