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Ummat Muhammad
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Donating Non-Clothes

Bismillah - Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Some clothes I don't wear. Can they be donated?

- Trousers too long
- Tops too short/tight
- Logo clothes (libas ash-shuhra?) - esp Israeli boycott goods.
- Checked clothing (like removed by the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa salam because it distracted him)
- Trousers too tight

Is it possible for a man to wear trousers that are loose enough to be halal when going into Sajdah. I feel long shirts aren't really long enough.

I fear clothes will be used (in the wrong way).

Educate me for the sake of Allah. BarakAllahu feekum.
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Qabeelat Durbah
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Re: Donating Non-Clothes

Check with your nearest Qabeelah leaders
I don't think we in USA can help you out as much as they might be able to inshallah


There should not be a problem with donating clothes you can't use, maybe it can be used by someone who doesn't have the bare minimum to cover, so at that point it wont matter to him if its a libaas shura or tablecloth.

It could also be that the person uses the too short tshirt as a inside shirt, or use it for an infant or a young kid.

Also there should be no problem in giving away something you can't use, to someone who can. for example in the hadith of Umar, who is given the silk garment by the Prophet (sallahu alahi wasallam) and Umar sending it to his Mushrik brother (from larger hadith found in the Sahih of Bukhari).

Allahu alam,

(this is NOT a verdict, rather its a forum post meant to help out, if you have any issues ask a scholar of Islam)

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Donating Non-Clothes

I have somewhere to donate, Alhamdulillah. I mean in practical terms, is it legit, halaal?
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Qabeelat Durbah
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Re: Donating Non-Clothes

If it's too tight on you, it might be loose on someone else.
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