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Qabeelat Tayybah
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Re: In Need of Du'aas

Originally Posted by Yusra
May our love for her be a sign of Allah's Love for her
Ameeen ! Let this be a reminder for us all ...
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Sarah Mushtaq
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Re: In Need of Du'aas

Ameen to all the du'aas.

^ SubhanAllah, I'm with Sireen.. I didn't know Sr. Noor but just reading about her.. put love in my heart for her, may Allah swt have mercy on her soul.

It's amazing to see everyone coming together, making du'aa for our sister in Islam... let the family know that she and them and all of you, ya Tayybah, are in our du'as inshaAllah. We're here for ya.
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Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: In Need of Du'aas

inna lillah wa inna ilaynhi rajioon.

ameen to all the above duaas. just reading about sr noor, insha'Allah, indeed she's in a much better place.

Oh Allah grant her a home better than her own home and a people better than her own people.....allahuma ameen.
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'Abd al-Kareem
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Re: Sister Noor has passed away - Janazah Info

subhanAllah; this is totally a reminder to all of us. ameen to all the du'as!

may Allah [subhanahu wa ta'ala] bless Sr Noor, forgive all her sins and overlook her shortcomings, and enter her into al-Firdaus, and give her family patience.

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: In Need of Du'aas

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raaji'oon.

May Allaah ta'ala forgive her sins and enter her into Jannat AlFirdaus, and may He bestow upon the family much patience. Allaahumma Aameen.
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Re: In Need of Du'aas

May Allaah make this easy for the brother during these testing times, subhna'Allaah to loose a child and a wife is test of Allaah. We ask Allaah to grant his wife Al-Jannaah, and for the child to drag her mother into Jannaah, Aameen
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Osob Mohamud
Qabeelat Nasr
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Re: In Need of Du'aas

Wa Aleykuma Sallam Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu

Ameen to all the duas

Ina lilahi wa ina ilahi raji`un. I looked into my email and I saw the email sent by some of the sisters about the death of Noor. Subhana Allah this is just a lesson for the rest of us that are still living. Life is to short. I hope we take advantage of every minute we have.

I didn't know Sr. Noor, but I enjoyed reading what everyone said about her. May Allah forgive her sins, protect her from the punishment of the grave and enter her in the highest level in Jannah. May Allah also increase the patience of her family and everyone who knew her. Ameen

And seek help in patience and As-Salât (the prayer) and truly it is extremely heavy and hard except for Al-Khâshi'űn [i.e. thetrue believers in Allâh - those who obey Allâh with full submission, fear much from His Punishment, and believe in His Promise(Paradise, etc.) and in His Warnings (Hell, etc.)]. [Surah Baqarah 2:45]

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Qabeelat Ittihaad
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Re: In Need of Du'aas

La hawla wa la quwata illah billah, reading all the posts about sr. Noor brought tears to my eyes!

Inna lilah wa inaa ilayhi la rajioon

May Allah shower his grace and mercy on her and forgive her sins and higher her rank in jannatul firdous
May Allah put patience in the hearts of her beloveds and help them through this hard time

Ameen to all the duaa's
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Qabeelat Al-Shams
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Re: Sister Noor has passed away - Janazah Info

innah lilahi wa inna ileyhi raa'jioon....

O Allah!save sister Noor from the trial of the grave and from the punishment of the Fire...O Allah! widen her grave and make it a place of bliss and peace and ease her passage into jannat al firdaws..You fulfill promises and grant rights, so forgive her and have mercy on her Surely You are Most Forgiving, Most Merciful...

"Yaa Musrif Al-quloob Asrif Quloobanaa Ilaa Ta'atika."

( "O director of hearts, direct our hearts to your obedience.")
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Ibn Abi Ukhti
Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Sister Noor has passed away - Janazah Info


Wa 'Alaykum Asslaam Wa RahmatuLlah,

Rahimaha Allah!
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