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Al Baraa
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Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!

Twitter Tweet...SMACK QUACK!

I'm sure everyone here has heard of twitter, but most prob don't have a clue what it is and what's so great about it.

The low down:
"Social Media" is a general term that consists of: Blogging, , bookmarking, Video, Text, Photo, content, and networking in a social sphere - terms that I'm sure all of us are familiar with.

Quite a few of our instructors are in the social media sphere already (If you haven't noticed):

  • Muhammad Alshareef is active on his facebook page and profile
  • Yasir Qadhi actively posts reminders on his twitter which automatically gets synched with his facebook page
  • Yaser Birjas is active on Facebook on his own profile
  • Imam Siraaj has gotten his daughter to manage his facebook page and profile activity
  • Abdul Nasir J - Bayyinah instructor is actively on twitter interacting with people
  • Suhaib Webb is actively blogging and interacting with people on Facebook
  • Navaid Aziz is active on his facebook profile and page
  • Dr Reda Bedeir is acive on his facebook profile as well
Twitter is many things:
  • Its a (micro)blog - "micro" because it's got 140 character limitation.
  • Its public SMS - you can sms people directly to thier twitter accounts which ideally should be hooked up to their cell phones
  • It's a networking tool - it allows you to follow and connect with new people you want to know more about through people you already know
  • Most of all it's a mobile syncronizing tool for social media. - It allows the sharing of photo, video and text not only in the twitter crowd, but you can set it up to distribute to places like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace - exponentially reaching out to a large network of people simultanously.
What about the potential FITNAH that social media holds?People can loose their deen!

I've heard this concern stated MANY times from concerned brothers and sisters in the past few months.

I'm a major advocate for social media and here's why:

Social media is a TOOL and specifically it's a MAGNIFIER. Like money and power it'll magnify what's already inside of you. To dissuade someone from getting into social media out of the fear of the perceived fitnah that it has is like dissuading someone from building wealth/riches or accepting positions of power/leadership.

Truth is, if someone has issues - those issues will simply be magnified as a result of this.

Back in the day - one of the elements that caused the influence of the Muslims to decline was their failure to adopt the printing press with the assumption that people would use it to duplicate the Quran and spread false info. Fact is that the kuffar had adopted it and were using to spread their influence throughout the world enabling their people to be informed and educated more than that of the Muslims.

Social media is the today's new printing press but the power to publish and distribute is the in the hands of the individual and groups. Not the media moguls. If we don't embrace it then know that others will and they'll use it to its full potential.

I understand that there is a concern of having a balance of privacy and publicity. I also feel that people aren't exercising comon sense when it comes to the issue of privacy and publicity online and this is where proper education and awareness needs to be brought into the fold. - (something I'm working on)

Using social media is just like real life - Its all about extending one's influence through the building of relationships. Fact of life: generally people don't care about you, me or anyone. They care about themselves, and more importantly - what others think of THEM.

In order for us as du'aat, entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, or even as individuals to get people to do stuff, we need to touch a heart before we can ask for a hand. This is where leadership skills and compassion comes into play. Everyone wants something. They want to get there. When we help someone get to where they want to go - a relationship forms.

When the heart is touched multiple times, those individuals make your their leader/celebrity/etc - obviously we as Muslims don't attempt to touch the hearts of people to become their leader or celebrity - we do it for the sake of Allah-swt alone, but the natural process is that this is what happens.

The more hearts we touch - the greater our influence becomes - This is social media.

The tools that are out the like - YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc - are all there to do just that.
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Al Baraa
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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!

Let's Start Tweet-Booking!

I want this post to be an index of all the Qabaail's twitter links so that we can all follow those that we want to follow and help each qabeelah entend their influence beyond what it is now.
AlMaghrib & Bayyinah Adminstration

Qabaail - Student BodiesAlMaghrib & Bayyinah InstructorsAlMaghrib & Bayyinah Active Volunteers/Students/EmployeesAlMaghrib & Bayyinah Student/Teacher Projects
Who else we got that's tweet-booking?

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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!
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Adib Contractor
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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!
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Abdul Razzaq
Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!

*tweet* no thanks *tweet*
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Sarah Mushtaq
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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!
I Got It Covered, Do You?

"The Believer is Grateful When Given, and Patient When Denied." - TEJ, '10
"The Best Hiba AlWahhab gave us is living with His Names ." - VoS, '10
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Qabeelat Nurayn
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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!
Sooraj Humein har shaam yeh darss deta hai. Ke maghrib ki taraf jao ge toh doob jao ge
-Allama Iqbal

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Qabeelat Durbah
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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!
Want to be of the hafidhaat of tomorrow?

AlMaghrib Institute
Qabeelat Durbah Campus
Class of 2012 in sha Allah

What will you accomplish in 3 years?
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!

this may be way off topic, but "imam siraaj" is an instructor now?!

u just tell me where and when, and i'm there, i dont even care WHAT he's teaching!
Make dua much...
...and sometimes, remember the one who advised you to do so.


Umm al-Qabaa'il | Nurayn
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Al Baraa
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Re: Qabaail MUST Start Tweet-Booking Now!

Originally Posted by Hasnain
this may be way off topic, but "imam siraaj" is an instructor now?!

u just tell me where and when, and i'm there, i dont even care WHAT he's teaching!
He's not an AlMaghrib instructor - but he is a teacher to us all.
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