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Navaid Aziz
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Cool I am hoping for...

As salam 'alaikum wa rahamatullah,

One of the distinguishing factors of an enjoyed seminar in contrast to one that isn't is the meeting of expectations!

With the tawfeeq of Allah, I would like to make this one of THE best seminars AlMaghrib has to offer. In order to achieve that please do fill the subject line for me as many times as you can!

Waffaqakum Allah wa baaraka feekum!
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Banned User
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Re: I am hoping for...

i am hoping to realize truly in my heart the Degree and level a scholar holds in sight of Allah(swa) and to have the course ignite a huge fire for the desire of gaining the knowledge of this Deen of Al Islam in my heart
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: I am hoping for...

During the second weekend, I am hoping for more of the points of benifit we can dirive from each hadith in the Sahih of Muhammad ibn Isma'il ibn Ibrahim (Imam Al-Bukhari) Rahimahullah.

- br. Magee
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

The Light of Guidance...
It speaks for it's self, check the videos now... or let the opportunity slip past you... Your choice.
It's no one's Guidance
except Yours.

This Class Coming to Ottawa VERY Soon.
Peace be upon you,

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