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Ramadan presentation for Corporate Diversity Moments

As Salaam Alaykum wa Rehmatullah,

Ramadan is fast approaching and I need your help! A company I am contracting for (cant mention name for privacy reasons) has started to do "Diversity Moment"s before each major meeting. I asked if Ramadan, Hajj, Eids, Muslim world 101 would be something they would be interested in and I get resounding yes.

Now... the first one I'd like to present to them is on Ramadan. Who wants to put their Allah given talents to create some powerpoints on Ramadan? Below are the guidelines I have been given. If you are interested in some ajr, email me at a s y e d 4 0 a t g m a i l inshaAllah!!

Guidelines for a Successful Diversity Moment plus Guidelines from X Global Diversity Website

Intent should include any of the following:

Highlight the business reasons for diversity

Aim for achieving a business impact

Show linkage to "X Way" behaviors and values

Show linkage to Community Awareness and Outreach


Enlighten/stimulate interest or discussion



Increase understanding

Build "esprit de corps," i.e., foster inclusiveness

Challenge stereotypes and expand one's perspectives

Challenge ethnocentric attitudes/opinions and broaden viewpoints

Help X become more successful as a company by seeking to influence change in a given area

Inspire/encourage those who already are or would like to become diversity change agents

Recommended length:

Generally 1 to 3 slides

Additional backup material can be provided to allow for customization

Generally 5 to 10 minutes

Appropriate for meeting length (shorter meetings merit shorter diversity moment presentations)

Recommended format:

Minimize amount of wording on slides

Keep the subject matter simple and concise

Design content such that a single slide may be used (first slide) if thatís all thereís time for at a meeting

Included links to relevant web sites

Appropriate for audience

Appropriate for available conference/meeting room technology

Word document

PowerPoint slideshow



Interactive exercises

Experiential and/or reflective exercises are a plus

Recommended content:

No use of unapproved clip art, photos, or drawings for examples of X approved images see website: http://References need to be noted on the side

Be careful using diversity moments from sources outside the X Intranet

If contents are in doubt you can send the presentation to the Law Department before posting on X Diversity Website (Contact X)

New information to most, if not all, meeting participants

Appropriate for audience



Personal experiences shared with lessons learned

If citing facts, should have timely, legitimate, and verifiable data source

Got something to say? Got an opinion? May be you should try: Allahu Alam

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