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Ummat Muhammad
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Exclamation Aid List For Gaza


A reception committe has been formed in Gaza, consisting of:
  • Health Authority
  • Education Authority
  • Agricultural ministry
  • NGO
  • Charities
The people of Gaza have told us what they desperately need so lets do what we can. I appreciate time is against our side, however, if we all work together we can make this happen, Insha'Allah.

You may have family members in certain industries that can possibly donate any one of these items. Maybe you could get together with your friends and family to purchase what our brothers and sisters need? The options are endless.
  1. Manual syringes for animal vaccination x 30 (Agricultural Ministry)
  2. English / Arabic dictionaries x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  3. Notebooks x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  4. Flip sheet paper x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  5. Chalk, white and coloured x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  6. School bags x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  7. School Stationary x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  8. Story books (English & Arabic) x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  9. Education CD's (English & Arabic) x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  10. Educational Games x As many as possible (Education NGO)
  11. Digital Cameras x 100+ (Education NGO)
  12. Transparent sheets for overhead-projectors x 500+ (Education NGO)
  13. LCD Projectors x 50+ (All orgs)
  14. Heart and circulatory system x 1 (Health)
  15. New Double heavy blankets x As many as possible (Charities)
  16. Single Heavy blankets x As many as possible (Charities)
  17. Children, Mens and Women winter clothes x As many as possible (Charities)
  18. Milk powder under 2 x As many as possible (Charities)
  19. Milk Powder over 2 As many as possible (Charities)
  20. Incubators x 7 (Various)
  21. CPR Mannequin's Adult x 2 (Nursing College)
  22. CPR Mannequin's Child x 2 (Nursing College)
  23. CPR Mannequin's neonate x 2 (Nursing College)
  24. Portable suction machine x 2 (Nursing College)
  25. Otoscope x 2 (Nursing College)
  26. Nasal speculum x 3 (Nursing College)
  27. Vaginal Speculum x 2 (Nursing College)
  28. Syringe Pump x 2 (Nursing College)
  29. First aid kit x 10 (Nursing College)
  30. ECG machine x 2 (Nursing College)
  31. Cardiac Monitor x 2 (Nursing College)
  32. Self administered analgesic pump x 2 (Nursing College)
  33. Glocumeters x 5 (Nursing College)
  34. Defibrillator x 1 (Nursing College)
  35. Ambo bag; Adult, pediatric, infant x 12 (Nursing College)
  36. Dressing set x 4 (Nursing College)
  37. Minor Surgical set x 2 (Nursing College)
  38. Suture set x 2 (Nursing College)
  39. Senllen chart x 10 (Nursing College)
  40. Stethoscope x 30 (Nursing College)
  41. Neck Collar x different sizes (Nursing College)
  42. Laptop or Desktop computer x As many as possible (All orgs)
  43. A4 Paper (mainly white) x As many as possible (All orgs)
  44. Sports equipments (Football, table tennis etc) x As many as possible (Education NGO)
The above is just a selected few. There are many, many more items. I'm unable to upload the excel document that list ALL items but if you wish to have a copy let me know and I will email it to you. But lets try our upmost best to get the items listed above.
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Aid List For Gaza

Br Shadur, I think it is a good idea to jot down the latest date (deadline) we should get those products to you by.. it'll mean we can organise ourselves better and work effectively under 'pressure'.

Also, it may be wise to get quotes on medical equipments, try to get them in bulk, maybe there'll be a discount so more gear can be brought?

There is no mention of orthopaedic products. Is that included in your extended list? If you can email me the list that would be great (via the Ameerah) inshaAllah.

What does NGO stand for?
Do not lose hope in adversity and complain that Allah singled you out for punishment, remitting others guilty of worse sins

Your present state could very well be His intent to elevate your spiritual station; or He could just be testing your faith

Everyday that you persevere, you grow closer to excellence

Thus your present despair may be a beginning of an infinite blessing
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Aid List For Gaza

In terms of Basic Life support equipment... the following are essential:
Google them, there are some websites which do next day delivery (If you wanna save lives... this is what you guys should be buying!)

Guedal Airways
Vinyl Resuscitators (Bag and Mask)
Sterile dressings
Cannula's (Grey large bore)
Bandages, Plasters
Ethanol Based "Surgical spirit" for woundcare
Hand Sanitisers
Sterile needles, all sizes
Sterile syringes

There are some good websites ( I don't think I'm allowed to post them here) so shop around!
“Do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon their hearts?”
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Aid List For Gaza

Originally Posted by Bint_AbdurRazaq
(If you wanna save lives... this is what you guys should be buying!)
That is the spirit! mashaAllah... we should just join forces and save the world

I'm off for a meeting at the hospital.. I'll see if I can get anywhere with my networking skills... probably not as it is the NHS but worth a shot...
Do not lose hope in adversity and complain that Allah singled you out for punishment, remitting others guilty of worse sins

Your present state could very well be His intent to elevate your spiritual station; or He could just be testing your faith

Everyday that you persevere, you grow closer to excellence

Thus your present despair may be a beginning of an infinite blessing
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Aid List For Gaza

If we could please work towards 2nd December to "save the world"

NGO non government organisations. Sr lina I will email the spreadsheet to the ameerah and ask her to forward it to you, insha'allah

Sr AR thank you very much for your suggestions
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Aid List For Gaza

I wanted to share a letter that we recieved from the Ministry of Education in relation to a school for the blind in Gaza. I'm sorry it is a rather lengthy letter but felt it is important to share with everyone.

Title of the Proposed Project: Expanding education opportunities for visual impaired children and youth

[font=Arial','sans-serif]Educational situation[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif] is going worse after the unjust siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, which has become a significant threat to the educational process for the Blind, where it became difficult for them to provide with the special needs of the blind in a state of complete paralysis and stop living in the educational situation in the school as a result of a shortage of equipment, which are used in the educational process, how visually impaired can continue their education under these conditions! There is a lack of equipment threaten the continuity of the students in completing the educational. [/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]Increasing the number of visually impaired is one of obstacles which face the school in transporting the students from their home to school and the students come from all Gaza strip. [/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]some of Palestine people lost their sights during the war. As result, many students don't come to school regularly and some of them give up education. So we want to eliminate all obstacles which face blind students in education. The number of students will be increasing next scholastic year 2010-2011 to over 70. [/font]

Back ground of the school

The Gaza school for the blind is located within grounds of girls’ prep school, where it occupies several allocated rooms. It currently educates 60 students of both sexes. The students, aged between 12 and 18, are distributed among 5 classes 7th – 11th grade, with an average number of 8 – 13 in each class. The school follows the blind student in the 12th grade in an ordinary school. It is situated in Gaza town; the school has supervised by the Palestinian Ministry of Education since 1995 and is free service to students who come from all areas of the Gaza Strip.

The school employs the Braille teaching methods and techniques. The school follows the current syllabus approved by the Directorate of Education. It converts national syllabus into Braille.

Teaching staff:-

There is twenty teaching staff at the school of whom 14 are registered blind and 6 are partially sighted. All the teachers in the school are university graduates of different fields of education.

Objective and future planning:

· It is the aim of the school to prepare students for integration at the 12th grade by providing them with high-tech which help them in learning and improving the quality of education for blind with special needs

· To allow the school to develop and enhance its resource and curriculum delivery.

· To give the students and the teachers access to Braille production. It is necessary to use a screen reading application with synthesizer.

· The education of Blind students consists of more than just traditional academic curriculum of reading, writing, and arithmetic. There has been growing concern toward addressing the unique real specifically the communication are as in light of advancing technology using computer with special software.

· The best way to help students with disabilities is to rehabilitate them to become independent by providing them with teaching aids and appropriate education and training.

Blind and visually students gradually need to become independent and self-reliant, learn many independent skills daily living skills. To encouraging the development of self-help and personal management skills.

· Teaching blind students and preparing them for higher studies.

· Training the blind to more freely and understand the directions by using the cane.

· The school provides students with equipment, advanced educational aids and Braille published textbook.

· Supporting blind students to fit in and integrated in this world, strengthening the fact that a blind student can be as much as productive and efficient as the normal one.

· Provide them with all the successful tools such as gaining knowledge, professional skills to be equalized by a normal person.

· We believe that the blind has the ultimate right to finish his education. Our goal is to activate all the senses the blind owns, in addition to erase the blind sorrows and weakness in facing this world and finally equip him with all needed skills and trainings courses.

· The education goal of this school is to enable visually impaired children to overcome their handicap, to grow as harmonious people, to become self – sufficient and integrate into society.

General Introduction/Description): Provide a concise summary description of what the project is all about, how the project idea has developed or emerged, its location and major components:

Palestinian children and youth with visual impairments grow up with the prevailing attitude that their capabilities and opportunities are limited and inferior to their sighted counterparts, whether as a result of unequal access to information, mobility, and employment or career opportunities. As a result, many have a low self-image and fail to acknowledge heir role to effect change. Instead, they tend to rely on sighted individuals, whether family members, neighbors, friends, educators, or others in order to meet their needs.

It will enable students to access electronic and print materials; teaching and para-teaching staff to produce material in accessible formats such as large print, Braille or synthetic speech (for English language materials) and as a result expand learning resources. Its purpose is to promote a virtual learning environment. As a result, an important part of the project will be to create educational software mindful of accessibility features.

Its mission is to promote the use of computer among blind and visually impaired students, enabling them to access information and thereby to enhance academic life and learning.

Perhaps more important, the goal of the school is to enable students to share fully the experiences of their sighted counterparts, mindful of the constraints imposed by their physical impairment. By so doing, the school hopes to reinforce their sense of personal competence and to open education and employment opportunities.

The outputs of the project converge to result in a dynamic school where technology is used effectively as a tool to access and produce information in accessible formats by students and teachers.

Project Background:

Needs Assessment/Community Involvement: Describe the community’s participation in needs assessment. How were the needs assessed? (If you have completed a baseline survey, research or needs assessment, please attach a copy of your findings/study?)

With a special focus, describe the level of community involvement in the planning for the project and their role in implementing and running the project.

Blind students were dismayed about the digital gap dividing developed countries and Palestine vis-ŕ-vis assistive technology. These strong sentiments led to the proposed project.

Similarly, students have expressed their enthusiasm and interest in learning how to use a computer. Two themes were dominant in the dialogue: i) surprise that such technology exists; and ii) expressions of interest in learning to use the technology. The principal reason underlying the enthusiasm was an acknowledgement that the technology will enable them to access information. The lack of materials is a common theme echoed by students and teachers. Staff at school were lamented the lack of teaching resources and materials.

Project Justification: What are the problems that the project intends to address? Explain why the project is needed. Please indicate how the proposed project activities will assist in addressing the problem.

According to the 1997 Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) census, between 10 and 15 percent of the population of the Gaza Strip are blind or visually impaired. Therefore, more 100,000 persons have some degree of visual impairment. Due to the lack of epidemiological data the age distribution and the causes of blindness and serious vision loss are unclear, although anecdotal evidence suggest hereditary factors are important as a result of a high proportion of consanguineous marriage among the population. Blindness and serious visual impairment can be disabling in the absence of effective educational, rehabilitation and social services. Apart from loss of functional ability, blind and visually impaired persons may experience a loss of self-esteem, severe limits to mobility and economic dependence. Technological innovations present the opportunity for visually impaired persons to increase mobility and access to information through the use of assistive devices. Sophisticated navigational tools (using sonar and laser light) are now available for blind persons to use for travel. Advanced technologies such as digital recordings, and adaptive devices for computer systems such as refreshable Braille displays and Braille translation software similarly impact on the quality of life and career opportunities for the visually impaired. Despite these developments, there is asymmetrical access – with visually impaired persons in developed states having greater opportunities to use and to own such systems relative to their counterparts in developing countries. The latter often are ill informed and do not have access to devices and comprehensive training. Moreover, in the former, national laws mandate equal access and non-discrimination of persons with special needs.

It is unlikely that Palestine will follow this model – whereby civil rights legislation and national law enforcement expands access to adaptive technology in educational institutions and in the workplace. In Palestine, a proactive anti-discrimination and equal access policy will likely be instituted by rare and exceptional organizations having a progressive outlook and knowledge of leading edge access technology rather than by a national consensus, at least in the near future. But, it is not only outlook that determines whether organizations are prepared to accommodate blind and visually impaired persons. Financial considerations often take precedent. As a result, the economic opportunity costs for reasonably accommodating persons with disability may be a dissuasive factor even for the most progressive organization due to the limited number of users in relation to the capital investment and training costs.

It is argued here that access to IT is imperative for several reasons.

From a civil rights perspective it codifies their right to equal access. At present, the formal curriculum includes IT. However, special education schools for visually impaired children are unable to apply the curriculum as a result of the lack of equipment. The introduction of assistive technology will enable blind and low vision students to access this information and practice these skills equally as their sighted counterparts.

At least at the theoretical level, increases the opportunities for entry into the labor market.

Technology renders many of the cultural stereotypes of blind and visually impaired persons void and therefore may help reform traditional social attitudes.

Most importantly, while this proposed project is intended to breach the technological gap its objectives go beyond technology per se. It is not uncommon to find individuals with a low self-image, feelings of powerlessness and a palpable sense of anger not far from the surface. Technology, as it is intended here, is one of a handful of mechanisms employed to erode the complex and interdependent forces of passivity, dependency and isolation that are currently containing the creative, physical, social and intellectual capabilities of blind and visually impaired Palestinian children and youth.

Target Beneficiaries:

90 blind and low vision students in Grades 7-12, Of these, about 50 percent are female.

What are the expected impacts of the project on your proposed target groups?

As a result of the project the students are expected to be able to use a computer effectively for word processing, web searches and sending/receiving email.

Students are expected to have increased access to information in Braille, large print and electronic formats.

Visually impaired university students are expected to have increased job opportunities as assistive technology trainers both in Palestine and abroad.

Teachers at special education schools can use technology more effectively in developing materials for students such as worksheets, or in using computers in the classroom.

Project Objectives:

Please indicate how the proposed project meets the objectives of the PNGOP II

The following proposal provides support to marginalized groups by: 1) providing the infrastructure and building the capacity of the school to provide computer literacy training; and 2) preparing teachers to use computers in the classroom as an educational tool.

The main objectives of the project are as follows:

To promote a virtual learning environment for visually impaired students by:

a) establishing an assistive technology center at the school.

b) providing a powerful screen reading tool (speech output) for Arabic language using a Windows interface;

c) facilitating access to English & Arabic language software programs to support literacy skills.

To increase students’ access to information through computer literacy and access to internet-based information.

[font=Arial','sans-serif]To enable visually impaired students to be integrated into normal schools at 12th grade, they need equipment which eliminate all obstacles inside the class. [/font]

Tactile diagram: one of the major problems which have been face teacher in teaching blind students is that syllabus depends on pictures and they could transfer this information to the students. Tactile graphic give blind students specific information and are useful for describing blind students of natural of shapes. Tactile diagrams are usually vital part of the curriculum especially in mathematic.

Sighted people take for granted the huge amount of information we get from graphics: diagrams, flowcharts, graphs, logos and pictures. The many forms of graphic communication are all around us. Translating this information from graphics to tactile form makes it accessible for the visually impaired reader. The high-tech computer-driven method produces tactile graphics that are detailed, exact replicas, quickly embossed. The embosser "E mprint spot hot we use is the Tiger Advantage embosser by Technologies. Pictures, maps or graphs are scanned into or created in Microsoft Word, modified to show the essential features of the graphic, and then converted to the Braille. [font=Arial','sans-serif][/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]Urgent Needs[/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]1 Marburg Braille frame[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif]:[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif] it is used for writing homework at home.[/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]Transforming the syllabus into Braille in quick way as result the school have printer but it haven't work well and it haven't deal with Tactile .[/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]2- Braille Printer[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif]:[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif] of paramount importance for the blind is printer which would transform visual writing into Braille writing automatically.[/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]3- Perkins machine[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif].[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif] It is used for writing in Braille. There aren’t enough Perkins machines for every student in the school. For and educationally Blind students the medium required for reading will be a tactile Braille is indeed a system of writing and reading which is based on six raised dots. [/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]4 Speech scientific calculators[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif]: It is suitable for all general arithmetic work.[/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]The Sci-Plus 300 is the only large display scientific calculator with speech output. [/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]5 Magnifier[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif] is very important for blind students and teacher. The SmartView Pocket is a lightweight and compact [/font]handheld video magnifier[font=Arial','sans-serif] that helps low vision when things are too small to see and read. Supporting up to 9x magnification and containing powerful features found in products twice its size, the SmartView Pocket is still small enough to easily fit in your pocket or handbag.[/font]

[font=Verdana','sans-serif]6 Braille Sense Plus[/font][font=Verdana','sans-serif]: [/font][font=Arial','sans-serif]Blind students have faced obstacles when the using "the Perkins" in the classroom when they integrated in the 12th grade as it is very noisy but this kind of "Braille sense plus" [/font][font=Arial','sans-serif]is [/font][font=Arial','sans-serif]one solution, with Braille and speech application capabilities which enable students to stay up with their studies in the normal school. It provides blind users with endless applications and features including word processing, address book, calendar, Wireless network connectivity, clear MP3 recording, powerful media player, LCD display to communicate with sighted peers.[/font][font=Arial','sans-serif]It is small as the students can carry it easily and combine all the required features in one small and light device.[/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]Head Mistress of the school[/font]

[font=Arial','sans-serif]Suheir Murtaja[/font]
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Aid List For Gaza

Bint AR, get yourself a copy of the excel doc from Ameerah.. It has alot of info on the medical drugs and equipment needed for gaza..

JazakAllah khair Br shadur, I did receive the email.. I have forwarded it to a few of my contacts.

A good contact to have is Br Rizwan Hussain (presenter on Islam Channel) he has been to gaza on several occasions.. he asked me to help him with fundraising and I've spoken to him before about my own projects/plans.. I can pass on his email address to you if you want?

I think speaking to him directly would be better than emails... I believe he is a teacher/student at Ebrahim College in London.. explain that you're going to Palestine and ask them to put you in touch with Br Rizwan inshaAllah.. Maybe you can get medical aid via his contacts.

Maybe approach Interpal too? Money was raised for Interpal during the Jewel of Damascus conference

O Allah, make this endeavour a success and accept our contribution towards this noble cause ameen.
Do not lose hope in adversity and complain that Allah singled you out for punishment, remitting others guilty of worse sins

Your present state could very well be His intent to elevate your spiritual station; or He could just be testing your faith

Everyday that you persevere, you grow closer to excellence

Thus your present despair may be a beginning of an infinite blessing

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Aid List For Gaza


Jazak'allah kair for the suggestion sr. If I had more time than speaking with br ridwan would have been a brillian idea.

But there's a brother in mancester who has a warehouse full of drugs and he is willing to fill up as many vehicles as possible. ALHAMDULILLAH
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Aid List For Gaza


We're making progress with the permission of Allah. I am happy
Do not lose hope in adversity and complain that Allah singled you out for punishment, remitting others guilty of worse sins

Your present state could very well be His intent to elevate your spiritual station; or He could just be testing your faith

Everyday that you persevere, you grow closer to excellence

Thus your present despair may be a beginning of an infinite blessing
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Abdul Razzaq
Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: Aid List For Gaza

Much Needed:
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