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Qabeelat Durbah
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Shaykh Muhamad ibn Faqih returns to DURBAH sooner than expected!

ICNA-NJ presents a Why Islam Banquet

for a purposeful life...

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Faqih (AlMaghrib Institute)
Shaykh Yasir Fazaga (World Renowned Speaker)
Dr. Zahid Bukhari (President of ICNA)

Saturday Dec. 19 @6pm
Chinese Community Center
Somerset, NJ

Tickets Online and for more info:

"O ye who believe! Shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grevious Panalty?" (Al-Quran 61:10)

Being Muslim requires becoming a Muslim, and in this dynamic process there is no choice that is more valuable, compelling, and urgent than this transformation. With the world as a cultivation ground human beings sow and maintain their crops through commitment and hard work until their death. We must race one another in planting good deeds in order to reap a similar fruit in the Hereafter.

Distinguished speakers at this event will discuss the effects of tangible and intangible factors on the choices we make in the deeds that we sow. Learn how time, money, worldly possessions, physical abilities, life, love and affection, preferences and prejudices, views and opinions, desires and aspirations, pleasures and comforts, status and roles, or merely our ego can alter your fruits in the Hereafter.

How often do you think about where your life is going? Do you think about how satisfied you are? Are life's ordeals a source of frustration and tiredness for you? Insha'Allah, this program will focus on the choices we have ahead of us - choices to bring success and meaning to our very existence, as well as those around us!
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Who needs a trophy when you've been called the Jewel of AlMaghrib, you've been told you deserve a Crown, you've been called the Heart of AlMaghrib, and about you it has been said that every standard known to man has been shattered by you...but if a shiny little object makes you happy, go wild.
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