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The Collector’s Edition: Sharh Sahih AlBukhari Course Outline

The Collector’s Edition: Sharh Sahih AlBukhari
Course Outline: SNH 201
Instructor: Shaykh Navaid Aziz

Brief Course Description:

This course includes lively lectures, stimulating discussions, revealing individual exercises, and exciting group activities. This multiplicity of methods allows students to:
1. Appreciate the struggles and work of Imam AlBukhari
2. Test their understanding and application of hadith
3. Apply principles of Fiqh to better understand the context and content of hadith
4. Develop skills in communicating ideas, in developing and presenting arguments, and in listening to and understanding others
5. Reflect upon the benefits derived from selected hadiths


1. The Life of Imam AlBukhari:
a. A Mother’s Dream: AlBukhari’s Beginnings –His family, birth, childhood, and early years
b. In a Class of His Own: Imam AlBukhari’s teachers, students, and works
c. Blessings in Disguise: The trials and death of Imam AlBukhari

2. Introduction of Sahih AlBukhari:
a. Standing Above the Rest: Reasons for compiling Sahih AlBukhari, its uniqueness, and famous explanations
b. A Humble Seeker: How to personally derive benefit from the Quran and Sunnah
c. As Real as it Gets: Understanding the levels of authenticity of hadith

3. The Intention

a. Rules of Law: Defining the sciences and principles of Fiqh
b. A Sincere State: In-depth study of the first hadith in Sahih AlBukhari
c. Prophetic Inheritance: Exploring the importance and manners of seeking knowledge

4. Books of Worship
a. Keepin’ Clean: Examining the books on Wudu’, Ghusl, Hayd, and Tayammum
b. Soul Food: Studying the origins of prayer in Islam and inspecting related Fiqh issues
c. God is One: Understanding faith and tawheed as the integral foundation of Islam
d. Guard Yourself: Learning and practicing invocations to raise and protect one’s faith

5. Books of Dealings

a. Wrap it Up: Learning how to revive the Sunnah of giving and receiving gifts
b. Who Gets What?: Exploring the issues pertaining to wills and inheritance
c. Family Matters: Surveying the book of marriage and issues relating to family life

6. Miscellaneous Books
a. In the Footsteps of the Righteous: Discovering the virtues of Madinah, the Prophet, and His Companions
b. Dress to Impress: Studying rulings regarding Islamic attire for men and women
c. Delicate Measures: Overview of the sixth pillar of faith –predestination

More Reasons to Take this Course...
1. Unlocking the Bukhari Code: A chance to discover subtle hints and messages in AlBukhari’s ingenious methodology of choosing particular narrations and placing hadiths in specific chapters
2. Multifaceted Class: The only course that incorporates biography, history, Seerah, Hadith, Tafseer, and Fiqh which appeals to students of all interests
3. Memorable Moments: A highly interactive, engaging, and emotionally charged class which will leave lasting impressions in the hearts of all who attend
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Re: The Collector’s Edition: Sharh Sahih AlBukhari Course Outline

Masha Allah thats a great new outline for the course
Each day we wake up, we are faced with a decision:

Use this as a day to come closer to Allah SWT
let it pass by as another wasted day

What will we decide today
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