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Exclamation Fiqh of Salah with Yaser Birjas

Ya Banu Bustaan, Western NY (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse) invites you to attend the 1st seminar ever by a budding new Qabeelah with an awesome instructor Y. Birjas. Please come and attend an unforgettable class April 23-25, and May 1,2. We look forward to your support in this endeavor. Let us know how we can accomdate you.

For further info, please visit our thread at:

Also, check out our blog at:

Any questions, please contact us at:

Hope to see you there. WS
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Afeefa B
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Re: Fiqh of Salah with Yaser Birjas

JazakAllah Khayr ya-Western New York for such a kind invitation

Sounds like something Bustaan cannot miss-after all it is Shaykh Yasir and FOS. Lets see how many Bustaanites we can get there, and how many western-New Yorkers we can get for Sacred Scrolls inshAllah!
the SHEPHERD'S path

Worcester, MA. July 2010. Enroll Now!
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Fiqh of Salah with Yaser Birjas

I wish I could attend this one but....
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