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Ummat Muhammad
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Talking QMajd Video Talent Showcase.....Who up for a free class?

The Good Ol’ Days!

QMajd Video Talent Showcase

Sit back and reminisce about the good ol’ days! We want to hear about them. Go grab a video camera, or even your cell phone, and maybe even some friends and record a quick glimpse of your best “good ol’ days” memories. But don’t worry, not just any memories…yes, you can keep the really embarrassing moments to yourself.

Here are the two categories you can work with…

Two Video Categories:

1. "Mama do I have to go to halaqah?! Memories of Juz 'Amma

Tell us about your favorite Surah from Juz’Amma & how you learned it (e.g. which surah touched you the most and why)

2. MLIA (“My Life is AlMaghrib)

(Open topic) Tell us about anything related to your experiences with AlMaghrib

Remember, this is a talent showcase, so show us what you've got!

And what do you get out of doing this?

Your Prize:Attend the next Al Maghrib class for FREE!

Number of participants in your video:

If your video submission includes more than one person, please note that you will be sharing the prize. For example, if your video includes 4 individuals, then the cost of attending the next class (for one individual) will be divided and the 4 individuals will each get a credit towards the cost of attending the next class. The next class credit will only be divided amongst a maximum of 4 individuals.

How will your video be judged?





In content and concept


In method of presentation/delivery


Is it funny, touching, moving?


Max 5 minutes



Submission Information:


All videos must be submitted by Monday March 22, 2010 11:59 pm, anything submitted after will not be entered in this contest.

The Qabeelat Majd team will vote on the top three videos. These videos will be showcased in the last weekend of the Touched by an Angel class for a majority vote.


Your video must be submitted to by March 22.

Your video size should be within 10 MB

Your video format should be viewable from a “flv player” and should be saved in a “.zip” format

Go ahead give it a try, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this little project...and the prize makes it even the more worthwhile!

What are you waiting for? 3, 2, 1….ACTION!!!
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