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Qabeelat Majd
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Question Buying the Dishes of Non-Muslims

As-salaamu 'alikum wa rahmatullah,

Someone asked me recently about the permissibility of buying used dishes from non-Muslims. I looked in my TPA notes and it seems like the conclusion in the issue of inaa' (vessels and utensils) is that it's ok to use the utensils of non-Muslims, provided it's not used for wine or eating najas; and this seems like a combination of the three opinions mentioned (omitted for berevity).

Based on this, it seems pretty safe to say that you can even buy the utensils, provided the same condition applies (eg. don't buy something that's clearly a wine glass or beer mug). But I'm curious; shaykh Waleed says that fiqh is in the details. Would buying it make a difference? Because then you take it home, wash it, use it regularly etc. and now there's no doubt about it being used for halal.

Insha'Allah if a shaykh could reply to this, that would be great I told the person who asked me that I'd let them know insha'Allah a definitive answer if I can get it from the forums...
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Buying the Dishes of Non-Muslims

Salam alaikum wrb,

There is a detailed discussion of this issue, which is mentioned in the chapter of inaa (utensils) in Ibn Hajr's collection of hadith "Bulugh al-Maram". Take a look at
this page, which based on the lessons given in Masjid Nabawi by the noble shaikh
Atiya Muhammad Salim, may Allah have mercy on him.

lecture 13, at 16min 45sec.

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