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Seeking Allah's Pleasure
Ummat Muhammad
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Arrow Excellent Quran memorizing software

As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatul Allahi wa barakaatuhu.

I found a very good software called Juz30 that you can download for free at {MOD Edit: Outside link}. It is a very excellent tool to help in memorizing Qur'an. It shows both the original Arabic verses and the english translation. It also keeps track of which surahs and verses you have memorized. You can also hear each verse repeated as many times as you like in tajweed by Qari Abdullah Basfar. [/font]

I used to find it very difficult to memorize Qur'an, but with this software I memorized 150 verses of surah Ali Imran and some other surahs as well alhamdu lillah. Hearing and seeing the Arabic of each verse really makes the verses stick in your mind ma sha Allah.
To download the Juz 30 software, go to {MOD Edit: Outside link} and first download the main program by clicking on "Juz 30 2.2" which is on the very top of the list. Then click on "Run". The program will be downloaded and saved to your computer. Then go down the list until you get to "recitation by Abdullah Basfar". Click on each group of surahs and then click on "Run". But only do 2 groups at a time maximum otherwise your computer will run into problems. Do that until all of the surahs are downloaded to your computer. A Juz 30 icon should appear on your desktop.

I hope this is helpful and beneficial to anyone who wants to memorize Quran.

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Excellent Quran memorizing software

Mash'Allah Really nice sharing.
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Excellent Quran memorizing software

you did not put the link to that software
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