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QShams Seminars: We have already had....

Assalamu Alaikum: I am always getting asked questions about what seminars QShams have already had or when is so and so seminar coming back. So a suggestion from one of the students was to post a list of all the seminars that QShams have indeed hosted already. Please see below:

Breach of Covenant
The Shepherds Path

Torch Bearers

Light of Guidance
Beautiful Patience
A Heart Serene
Divine Link
Sacred Scrolls
Ilm Week

Western Sunrise
Valley of the Seekers
Eternal Journey
The Prophet's Smile
Echoes of a Cave
Darkness to Light

Chain of Command
Pure Paisa: Fiqh of Money and Transactions
Rizq Factory


Heavenly Hues: Thematic Tafseer

Forge your relationship with the Qur'an with Sh Navaid Aziz

October 14-16th & 22nd-23rd October 2011


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Re: QShams Seminars: We have already had....

can one of the volunteers take over this thread ?
Update it with the missing seminar titles
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