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(Reposted from Eternal Journey folder)

Asalamualakum WarahmatulAllah

I wanted to share this dream with you in hopes that you might take it as a reminder and benefit from it as I did. I posted it in this folder, because I have just completed this course and since Shaykh Reda took us on the eternal journey, I find it relevant to the material. JAK Shaykh Reda for an amazing and moving course.

A Dream
Last night I had a dream. Actually, it wasn't a dream - it was more of a wake-up call. It was so vivid that, upon waking up, it took a few seconds for me to realize I had returned to reality. As I opened my eyes and looked around, and realized I was only dreaming, I felt both relief and disappointment.
The dream went like this:
The Day of Judgment was beginning. I only had a few minutes to pack my things and get ready to move on to the next life. As I looked around my room, never-ending tears flowed down my face. Nothing was worth packing! Nothing will hold any value in the place I was going. My heart pounded rapidly and I felt both fear and hope. Hope and excitement because I was going to finally meet the Prophet Mohammad (SAAW), and I was going to my eternal place of living, Jannah (InshaAllah). I could barely keep a smile off my face at that moment as I thought of what was waiting for me.
Feelings of fear would circulate my thoughts as I wondered whether or not my actions and repentance counted for anything. Has Allah accepted from me? Am I going to make it and be placed with the winners? What if everything I had done was not completely for the sake of Allah?
I couldnít help but think of how real those feelings were. I can feel them now as I type this.
After I decided that barely anything was worth packing, I rushed up the stairs to search for my family and friends. I found people standing outside in groups raising their hands up to the sky and making duaa to Allah, with utmost and amazing sincerity. Everyone. Not a single person was not on their feet turning to their Creator. Imagine a day when everyone is standing on their feet with their hands raised to the skies, begging for repentance, glorifying the One and only true god, ALLAH (SWT).
In a state of panic, I set my bag down and gave in. My shoulders slumped as I realized there was no time to get ready now. Itís too late. Whatever I have done, is all I have now. Any good deeds I had gathered were all I would have, and any sins I had committed and not repented for - were stuck with me.
There is no time to go back and make things right. Either I was ready or I was not. Nothing will change that now. My heart pounded -- and then, I woke up.
At first, I felt disappointed. Disappointed that this test and struggle is not over yet. That I will not be able to meet the Prophet Mohammad SAAW just yet, nor will I be able to move into my home in Jannah.
And then...the true feeling I searched for came...
Relief, because I have more time. More time to make things right. More time to ensure that no feelings of regret are felt at the moment when itís too late. Now, I have that chance.
And you have that chance too. While you were reading this, someone in the world died. And soon enough, it'll be me or you. Let's die with a clean slate, with true ikhlas. Let's die and meet Allah (swt) when He is satisfied with us. Let us die with the final words "La Ilaha Illa Allah".
May Allah (swt) forgive us and the believing men and women, and allow us to die worshiping Him. Please use this thread to share any life-lessons you came across either through personal experience or from others around you. You never know who might benefit from your post.
Valley of the Seekers :
Living with the Names and Attributes of Allah

25-27th Nov & 3-4th De
c| Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi

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