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The EmanRush Audio Storefront

The EmanRush Audio Storefront

Scene 1:

Abdullah, bursting with enthusiasm, sends an email to EmanRush Audio….)

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

Alhamdulillah I have just been introduced to the khutbahs of Muhammad AlShareef online at MashAllah it has been such an eye opener! My friend referred me to your website so that perhaps we may be able to purchase Audio CD's from you for our weekly halaqah. Inshallah, we would like to buy 5 tafseer sets from you. Your website rocks! But, since we do not know how to buy Muhammad Alshareef's audio from your website, I am emailing you now. How do we set up payment?

Looking forward to your response!

Assalamu alaikum

(EmanRush responds 10 minutes later….)
Wa alaikumu salam wa rahmatullah Brother Abdullah,JazakAllah khair for your email. However, as indicated on our website, we only sell to retailers at wholesale price. Since you are not considered a retailer, we will refer you to one of our retailers. Or, you may contact your nearest Islamic bookstore to ask them to order from us.

Again, jazakAllah khair for your email.

Assalamu alaikum
EmanRush Audio

Abdullah thinks to himself… "What!? Subhanallah! And I was EVEN so excited. All this trouble to purchase their audio!?! … Forget it, I'm too tired to go around looking, surfing or calling."

A Growing Concern

The past year, we, at EmanRush Audio, have received loads of emails such as this one from Abdullah. A rising concern grew within the EmanRush team each time we were unable to serve the needs of a growing number of visitors to the website.

We imagined what it would be like to be at the receiving end of that email or phone call. We imagined the let down. We imagined what it would be like to not want Islamic knowledge anymore due to its inaccessibility.

How Would It Feel?
Imagine yourself at the age of 7 running after an ice cream truck with sweat trickling down your forehead on a hot summer San Diego day, hoping to get a freezing head rush (brain freeze) from an orange popsicle. Only to find the ice cream truck was on its way to deliver its inventory of ice cream to the Ice Cream Parlor 10 minutes away. The driver says "Sorry kid, we only sell to stores."

Now, imagine yourself at the age of 26, thirsty for Islamic knowledge, with balmy hands on a cold Ramadan Autumn morning hoping to give your soul a RUSH from a Muhammad Alshareef audio. Only to find that the main online source of his audios, EmanRush Audio, sells only to retailers. The manager says, "We apologize but we only sell to retailers."

This is how Abdullah felt.

Our negative responses by turning individuals away has, in a sense, served as a negative stimuli for some guests. EmanRush Audio for them has been associated with alienating individuals in favor of retailers.

We not only saw this as our flaw, we saw this - "No, you cannot buy from us." - as a tool for the shaitan to deter scores of people from learning Islam and turning that knowledge into action.

Our solution: An EmanRush Audio storefront, a place where individuals are able to purchase in packages to serve their needs, whether it be gifts for family or friends, halaqah materials, or to create a market in their local communities for Muhammad Alshareef and AlMaghrib Institute audios. Our storefront prices are in between retail and bulk pricing. In fact, small retailers (the little guys) will now have the purchasing power to buy 3 CD's instead of 30! 20 instead of a minimum 50!

Scene 2:

(EmanRush Audio addresses the many Abdullah's and Amatullah's....)
Assalamu alaikum Brother Abdullah,

We are so excited to announce that your chance to seek knowledge has, inshAllah, widened its horizon through our EmanRush Audio Storefront. The EmanRush Audio storefront, with easy payment access, and indomitable lucidity, has been developed by many of the most talented individuals in order to cater to your needs. Ordering has never been easier.

This virtually equates to your success in your first efforts in seeking knowledge. However, as Denis Waitley warned us, "Procrastination is the fear of success... Because success is heavy, it carries a responsibility with it, it is much easier to procrastinate and live on the "someday I'll" philosophy." We must seize every chance we get.

Because we do not take procrastination lightly, we could not wait to tell you... delete those past emails! The chance to seek knowledge awaits for you to snatch it! Your opportunity now knocks at your door ….. Visit the brand new EmanRush Audio Storefront Today!

JazakumAllah khairan for your patience and support.

With much love,
EmanRush Audio Team

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Muhammad Alshareef
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Re: The EmanRush Audio Storefront

That's so cool, ma sha Allah!
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