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comments on Br. muhammad's lectures

Elhamdulillah i just got done listening to the story of sa'ad ibn abi waqqas (ra) mashallah br. muhammad, i would just like to say that through the past couple of months i guess you can say i've been undergoing a transformation. subanhallah, listening to your lectures has done wonders for me and mostly my Eman. my whole lifestyle has changed, and I owe it to Allah first and of course your lectures. may Allah give you emense reward in Jannah inshallah ameen.

im sorry if i started a new thread , maybe while im writing this there is already a thread like this already, but in anycase friendly admin, feel free to move my post

the thing I love the most about the lectures, is that not only do you go in depth with background, you almost have to make sure we try to picture the images in our head. Wallah i felt like i was there seeing the army saying "Allahu Akbar" and charging saying "la hawla wala qowata illah billah" that right there was my emanrush moment.

I will make dua for Allah to help with your efforts in expanding AlMaghrib, because if JUST one person benefits from your, and the other wonderful sheyookh's lectures like I did and will continue to inshallah, than inshallah May Allah give you All Jannat Al-firdwas and make you all successful in this life and in the hearafter. ameen.

jazakum Allahu khairun
As for killing time, since when is time an enemy that you should strive to kill?! Time is your breath, it is your lifetime and the moments of your life which you could fill with thousands and millions of hasanaat. It is sufficient for you to say Subhaan Allaah wa bi hamdihi (Glory and praise be to Allaah) once, and a palm tree will be planted for you in Paradise, so how many gardens have you failed to plant? How many hasanaat have you lost? (Islam QA)

w w w . b a y y i n a h . c o m / d r e a m
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