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Ummat Muhammad
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The Sorcerer's Tears (Audio Book) - Download here + Sneak Preview!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته




a True story..

of a repentant magician, Muslim - from Egypt.

spoken & recorded in English by the main character himself.

Exerpt from the 1st Chapter:
One day she came to our house and saw my mother, and saw that she was pregnant. "Oh no, it looks like you're going to have another girl."

My mother got scared, "Oh no, don't say that. I don't want another girl.'

Um Nush'at (our neighbour) replied; "Look, you're tummy is round, that means you're having another girl. You better go see a midwife or doctor."

"Thankyou" my mother replied.


The doctor told her; 'I assume you will be having a girl'.

'What can I do?'

"There is an injection which I can give you which will cause you to have a miscarriage." the doctor replied.

"I can't take this no more, if I was to have another girl. It's too much of a burden." my mother replied.

So the doctor gave her the injection, and they waited for the baby to be aborted - but nothing

On 25th December, 5pm evening - Egypt time, God had decreed that this boy would survive. To the delight and surprise of my mum, I (a boy) was born.

Due to the injection, the baby was blue, and was very sick.


Um Nush'at also came to visit on the 7th day, as it is a cultural habit for women. They get together and sing, and distribute chocolates, peanuts and the children come and sing to celebrate the birth of the new son.

Um Nush'at picked me up and carried me in her arm and swung me around, and 'oops' - she accidentally hit me above the right eye. Straightaway they took a big coin and tied it around my head and continued as normal.

The next day my mother took me to the hospital to check if it was serious or not, and the doctor replied it would get better over time and settle down - which it did not.

So I continued to grow over time, as a happy child, or atleast as happy as I could. But there was one thing which wouldn't change - I had a (devil) horn mark slightly above my right eye. It made me embarrassed, but in the years to come - it would change my life.


On Thursday, the people there (in Alexandria's district of HaDara), become suddenly active. They like to celebrate something which no-one else knows. They start painting the inside of their houses red. They do this because they are going to celebrate something on Friday night (Note: this is Thursday night, and the Arabs call Thursday night the 'Friday night' [calling the night before the day]). You will also see the women of those houses wearing some certain magician leaves. Only women are allowed in that party - it is called Zaar.

As a child, I would look, and no-one was bothered at children watching because they assumed they didn't understand.

What did they do there?

They play very loud demonic music (Tablaq - a drum) - and the women start swirling violently and dancing to the music. While a man with extremely long hair will be in the middle of the room. Suddenly, one of the women will start to have (epileptic type) fits. She will start kicking the air and speak in a man's voice.

Then a voice comes;
'If I am a good sheikh, I will not come, but if I am a demon - I will come.'

Then the music carries on going higher and higher, and more women faint. Then the man with the long hair will attend to them and do an exorcism on them with words which cannot be understood. And the girls wake up, and he does exorcism to them, one after another.

I never asked the women why they go there every Friday to get possessed... happened.

Download the Audio Book
Available FREE here:

Audio Downloads:

Chapter 1 - "Looks like you're having another daughter" (40MB)

Chapter 2 - 'a scary Tall man would come to our house - a magician.' (39mb)

Chapter 3 | the War (26mb)

Chapter 4 | Coffee reading (33mb)

Chapter 5 | Cairo... (31mb)

Chapter 6 | Trouble at school (31mb)

Chapter 7 | The yellow books of magic (29mb)

Chapter 8 | The Cession (25mb)

Chapter 9 | Taro reading (26mb)

Chapter 10 | Awni the "Medium" (28mb)

Chapter 11 | Life after the War (30mb)

Final Chapter 12- the Tears of Repentance(11mb)

Download All Audio Chapters (ZIP - 262MB)


7 Exorcism Interviews by Bilal Philips

(Open these html files with your Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome etc.)

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: The Sorcerer's Tears (Audio Book) - Download here + Sneak Preview!

assalaamu Alaykum,

the links are not working there any way to get the transcript if the story is published?

Qabeelat Taybah
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